We are the only one who pursues Japanese quality.
Since 1998, Kaiser took [Building Integrity] as its enterprise concept. We fought together and achieved above 500 projects of Japanese, European and American factories. We have the most powerful price advantage and we have a thorough ability about Japanese quality. At the same time, we lower the costs and maintain the high quality.
Our philosophy is [Building Integrity].
Kaiser promotes [Building Integrity], no poor quality is allowed and we do care those unseen areas.
After adding all these details up, it will eventually improves the quality. There is no doubt that our clients will be satisfied. The sincerity we are learnt from Japanese construction, including detail design, advance concept, careful constructing and excellent site management, all of them continue through the entire construction process.

From the beginning to the end, we always have the same viewpoint with our clients.
Anyone who starts investing to build a factory in China is always worried, because the culture and construction quality standard are different. Such as the China government formalities and communication between government and the construction company. Firstly, Kaiser will stabilize the client’s unstableness. We are able to communicate in both Japanese and English. When clients are making the investigation plan, we also can offer the professional consultant suggestions. We always stand by the client’s side during the entire process.
Sincerity and integrity brought us more than 500 achievements
It is important for us to keep sincere to satisfy our clients. No matter how minor the requirement is, we will try to respond the best answer. For example, we will not use the same tendering book which was used on other projects, but introduce all the contents in detail. During the construction process, we will submit the engineering report in written form. Besides, Kaiser will make use of unique EPC mode to pick better building materials than Japanese EPC Company, and Kaiser and the subcontractors lower the cost together. Nowadays, Japanese, European and American enterprises do favor this style.

The appreciation to the clients contributed to our emotional foundation.
The motivation of Kaiser is to provide satisfaction, and we are grateful after we contracted with our clients. Just because of this emotion, we are going to be better. We do focus on cultivating new management staffs, learning Japanese latest construction skills. In order to complete the construction mission better, our organization system is constantly heading for perfection.
Although the clients are already satisfied, as long as there is any space to improve, we will give our new program.
Kaiser is always strict with itself to meet client’s requirements. Even if the client is already satisfied, once we find a better way to improve the quality, lower the cost or reduce the construction period, we will give our proposals to our clients to beyond his expectation. This is where Kaiser Value shows up.

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