Best construction quality is achieved by years of insisting on “Quality First” principle.

Kaiser perseveres in good quality.

Quality is not improved by false varnishing.

Construction quality will not leap by little efforts made. Although technological progress can enhance construction techniques, it does not help quality improve directly. Craftmanship of site staff is guaranteed by accurate design and cautious site management.
Kaiser believes putting every detail of deliberate drawings into careful site construction is the only way to improve construction quality.
In order to minimize site risks until safe completion, it is essential for comprehensive site management.
Kaiser devotes itself to 100% site management without any accidents, which occurs by following site management protocol. In that way we can improve our quality constantly.
Perseverance in improving quality is our faith.

For those invisible areas, Kaiser makes more effort in doing well. This is Kaiser's stable building quality.

To include 100% design details, the pursuit of mere beautiful appearances does not make sense.
Even if the decoration and fa?ade are beautiful, the quality cannot be judged as good if the foundation is not stable and the walls inside the ceilings are not troweled.
Every worker in Kaiser shall persist in 100% quality construction even in those invisible spots such as well aligned pipelines and seamless mortar interface. Foundation backfill with compaction at every 30mm etc. is always maintained.

Even if the qualities of these works are not easy to detect, Kaiser still maintain its high standard in construction process. This is the first step Kaiser takes to achieve “Building Integrity”.

Transparency in Construction Process

Construction Supervision

  • 01.Transparency in Construction Process
  • 02.Apply Construction Management Guideline in Project Quality Management
  • 03.Quick Actions and Response on Project Management
  • 04.Civilized Construction Ensure Project Quality
  • 05.Project HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) Measures
  • 06.Focus on Details in Project Quality Managment

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