Good design is 99% concentrated listening and 1% innovation.

Our design concept is as follows:

First we listen to customers' thoughts regarding plant construction.

Since the factories we design are used in the long run, they aim to let clients feel "the plant is of good performance" during the course of plant utilization.
Plants in the mind cannot be described in detailed words or images during the design stage.
We figure out all obscure conception and requirements of customers by careful listening.
We conduct a comprehensive analysis of clients' requirements, favorite designs and former achievements after collecting and studying the information.
After abovementioned procedures, we have grasped and understood the standard of a client's ideal plant and enter into a substantial design phase.

Mere reflection on clients' desires is not sufficient for good design.

An ideal factory cannot be established by mere duplication of perceived clients' requirements and thoughts on design drawings.
Kaiser shall take into account the actual conditions and building material types in China.
Kaiser considers maybe clients have not come up with all the detailed requirements. We reserve the right to a better design program if any.
Based on Kaiser's long term experience, with advantage of innovative design, we provide perfect plant design for our clients.

Kaiser has good design quality.

Innovation is built on concrete information collection.

The innovative design does not come out of aerial thoughts or by imagination without foundation but arises from ordinary information collection and analysis.
Designers learn about the latest building designs, image designs, new construction techniques, and former building cases on magazines and books. They also absorb inspiring conceptions by going to sites for a physical view of construction. Daily efforts are props for design innovation.

Kaiser's design quality is reinforced by drawing design with finely detailed ordination.

Deliberate design shall remain until project completion. Construction of every tile and every technically fitting pipe must have a detailed joint design. It is essential to use construction drawings in site management.
Detailed construction drawings may help eliminate occasional site judgments and realize all design goals, which ensures good construction quality.

Careful and stable efforts such as information collection and guiding construction by detailed drawings guarantee good quality of Kaiser’s works.

First step of designing


  • 01.First step of designing
  • 02.For design satisfaction
  • 03.Detail drawing design
  • 04.Fast response to change

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